If you’re buying or selling any type or brand of transformer, call Envirocom. Envirocom is the leading resource in the United States and Canada for pad-mount transformers, dry-type transformers, and substations. Both new and refurbished units are available from Envirocom. All refurbished transformer units have been tested for quality and come with a great warranty to protect your investment.

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Used Transformers, Transformer Disposal & Transformer Recycling

Envirocom is the ideal one-stop shop for all your transformer recycling projects. Envirocom will purchase, drain, uninstall, and haul away your used and surplus transformers. Substation and Utility Transformer decommissioning is our specialty along with the recovery, refurbishment and resale of Oil filled, Dry Type, Pole Mount and Pad Mount Transformers.

Envirocom has built an expert team of knowledgeable and skilled workers who can help you remove your unwanted assets. Envirocom will use state of the art methods and equipment to effectively decommission and remove your transformers bringing your company the most return value on these used assets.

Our team has years of experience in transformer recycling and disposal and will carefully do the difficult work for you. We will come out and assess your used or unwanted transformers and determine the best method of decommissioning and recycling the equipment. Envirocom guarantees to provide service that is environmentally safe to ensure all surrounding areas remain unharmed in the process.

Call Envirocom to have a project manager evaluate your surplus and used transformers, in many situations we will do all the work and pay your for the equipment! Envirocom team moves to better the environment by purchasing unwanted assets, refurbishing the equipment and selling them back to the community members who need reliable and affordable products rather than ending up in a landfill.  This is a systematic process that demonstrates Envirocom’s expertise and commitment to helping the community and where we live.

Envirocom offers decommission services on large transformer recycling projects.

  • Careful onsite transformer tear-down and recycling
  • Oil recycling
  • Handling transformers from 1kva to 1000mva
  • Environmentally sensitive and safe
  • Purchase and sale of surplus assets including transformers

You could be saving hundreds even thousands of dollars by choosing the reliable and efficient service of Envirocom’s transformer recycling team. With our unmatched expertise Envirocom is proud to be the vendor of choice for hundreds of customers. What are you waiting for? Call or stop by today!